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Scott Safety

Scott Safety

As a world leading provider of advanced thermal imaging equipment to the fire industry, Scott Safety prides itself on its unique ability to enhance the performance and operability of its thermal imaging cameras well beyond their core and most basic function. Our cameras are well-known for providing firefighters with the ability to fully interpret a fire scene and make better, safer, tactical decisions

Our X380 thermal imaging camera powered by ISG TECHNOLOGY, provide firefighters with an unrivalled level of situational intelligence, they provide unique hot spot tracking, an enhancement that enables firefighters to immediately identify high-risk areas in the floor or ceiling of a fire scene, its equally unique cold spot tracking enhancement, helps firefighters locate gas or chemical valve leaks and the cameras tactical colour, gives the user a true visual picture of rapid heat changes.

Scott Safety employs the largest and most comprehensive engineering teams of any dedicated firefighting TIC manufacturer in the world. Based across two continents in four separate facilities, our exceptional in-house development team are able to create and develop product enhancements that ensure our thermal imagers remain at the forefront of technological advancement.

Owning a Scott camera you’ll be getting the most technologically advanced thermal imaging solution, designed specifically for your application in the most extreme environments, and you’ll get total peace of mind and absolute support with our complete after-sale service throughout the life of your product.

For more information, go to www.scottsafety.com/emea

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