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Simple Decontamination for HazMat Response

Since 1990, DQE has been a leader in manufacturing and distributing portable decontamination shower systems that simplify the decontamination process for HazMat incident response.  The company provides practical products and expert support that improves the safety and readiness of the response community.  Headquartered in Fishers, Indiana, DQE proudly celebrates over 20 years of service.

When a HazMat incident occurs, decontamination procedures should be easy to carry out, not a liability due to a cumbersome decontamination system.  DQE breaks down its decontamination shower philosophy into four concepts: fast setup; complete water coverage; simple cleaning; and easy transport.
  • Fast Setup. 
Quick-connect, camlock fittings on the shower pipes make assembling showers fast and easy.
  • Complete Water Coverage. 
The spray-pattern of DQE showers provides a “wall-of-water” to ensure fast and thorough water coverage.
  • Simple Cleaning.
The showerheads are easily cleaned after an event. Just unclamp the showerhead from the pipe and unscrew the nozzle.
  • Easy Transportation.
All DQE showers are portable and ready to be moved at a moment’s notice. The heavy-duty vinyl bags that hold the showers have drainage holes that provide clean storage and easy transport.
Whether there is one victim or multiple victims that need to be decontaminated, or responders that need to decontaminate at the scene, DQE designs a whole range of decontamination equipment and accessories – all that keep “simple decontamination” in mind.
Standard Decontamination Shower.
The standard decontamination shower system is the first decontamination shower DQE manufactured and still remains its bestselling shower system. The standard decontamination shower system is a practical solution for victim and responder decontamination incidents. This shower can be configured to accommodate fully, semi, and even non-ambulatory victims and has an attachable enclosure with translucent roof for privacy and safety.
Quick Response Decontamination Shower.
Designed for field response, the Quick Response decontamination shower is durably constructed to withstand frequent training.  The set-up time for this decontamination shower is between two and three minutes, which makes it particularly useful in situations where quick deployment is critical.
IndestructoDecontamination Shower System.
Constructed of ABS thermoplastic, the Indestructo is highly resilient, and is designed to stand up to the most rugged conditions.  The four showerheads have a total output of 70 litres-a-minute for maximum water coverage, while two attachable windscreens reduce overspray.
The simplest of all DQE showers, the Decono is an ultra-light alternative to full-size showers. It is designed for limited-space, tactical or field applications.)
MASCAS Shower System.
The MASCAS shower can easily be expanded to decontaminate multiple individuals simultaneously using from one to four shower stalls and two additional hand-held sprayers. Divider curtains separate individual stalls if victim privacy is needed.
DQE’s shower systems carry a lifetime warranty against manufacturing and material defects. As the manufacturer all its showers, DQE can fit them to custom specifications and provide replacement parts as needed.  DQE also carries a variety of brushes, collection pools, pumps, and hoses to supply everything a responder needs for portable decontamination.
For more information, go to www.dqeready.com/decon


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