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Solar Developments Pty Ltd (PVStop)

Solar Developments Pty Ltd (PVStop)

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PVStop is the only product that makes solar systems safe for firefighters and emergency services personnel

The problem

Did you know that solar panels cannot be switched off when exposed to light? In emergency situations such as a fires, floods or storm damage, solar panels continue to produce potentially lethal amounts of DC voltage which poses a significant risk to emergency services personnel. Up until now, there has been no practical solution to this globally recognised problem.

PVStop is the solution

PVStop safely isolates the power produced by solar PV systems in all weather conditions. It eliminates the risk of high voltage DC electrocution by acting as a liquid tarp, shutting down the solar system in seconds. Once the threat has been eliminated, PVStop simply peels off without causing any damage to the system.

Key attributes

  • Delivery range of over 10m, eliminating the need to climb on the roof.
  • Non-flammable & fire retardant.
  • Non-conductive & anti-arcing.
  • Encases nano-particles in the event of fire or during salvage operations.
  • No damage to the solar PV system and simply peels off after use.
  • Non carcinogenic & can be disposed of with normal garbage waste.


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