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Solar Developments trading as PVStop

PVStop is an Australian innovation that switches off solar panels in seconds, mitigating the risk of DC electrocution to Emergency Services personnel, Electrical Contractors and all owners of Solar Panel Systems.

Did you know that solar panels cannot be switched off when exposed to light? In the case of an emergency situation such as a fire or flood, solar panels continue to produce potentially lethal amounts of DC voltage which poses a risk to emergency services personnel and anyone who owns or is exposed to solar panel systems. In professional terms this risk is known as the “DC Danger Zone” and up until now, there has been no solution to this globally recognised problem.

PVStop is a state of the art polymer film technology that solves this problem, literally acting as a “liquid tarp”, switching off Solar Panels in seconds and drastically reducing the risks faced by Emergency Services personnel Electrical Contractors and all owners of Solar Panel Systems.

Luke Williams is a CEC (Clean Energy Council) accredited renewable energy system designer at LJW Solar and is also the inventor and patent holder (2012903137) of PVStop; he has worked in the solar industry since the early eighties, designing and installing solar photovoltaic and wind energy systems for a variety of domestic and commercial clients.

This was a problem that Luke was determined to overcome – “Over the years LJW Solar has become increasingly concerned about solar panel risks and associated solar PV hazards. With over 1 billion solar panels installed globally and 1.5 million Solar panel installations in Australia alone, the need for a solution to combat the risk of DC electrocution in the face of an emergency situation has become paramount, this is the driving reason behind why we developed PVStop”.


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