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South-Tek Systems Announces its full line of CE Approved Nitrogen Generators

South-Tek Systems is pleased to announce the first CE Approved Nitrogen Generator designed specifically for use in dry or pre-action fire protection systems. By introducing 98%+ pure supervisory Nitrogen into any dry or pre-action sprinkler system, the N2-Blast® arrests the existing corrosion process and prevents pinhole leaks and unexpected system trips from occurring. In most cases, the introduction of 98%+ pure supervisory Nitrogen will double or triple the service life of the existing sprinkler piping.

South-Tek Systems works with customers worldwide to deliver innovative corrosion solutions. With over 10,000+ units successfully installed, South-Tek designs and manufactures state of the art technologies to maximise the life of fire protection systems. Visit www.southteksystems.com or email us today at info@southteksystems.com

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