Ferno Australia

When lives are on the line, Ferno is just as dedicated to protecting people and saving lives as you are. Ferno designs, manufactures and distributes Australia’s most comprehensive range of mission-critical gear for every scenario and patient size. Proudly supporting AFAC, this year we will be showcasing a range of innovative rescue equipment including the Reach and Rescue system and the latest in heavy duty, battery-powered rescue tools.


Field Air (Operations) Pty Ltd

RJ85 Large Air Tankers don’t put out fires. Crews on the fire ground put out fires. RJ85 Large Air Tankers do however assist ground crews in their job, by laying down long retardant lines (or gel or foam lines) to slow the spread of fires and give crews on the ground much needed time and space to extinguish fires.

For this reason, Australian aviation company Field Air has teamed up with Canadian aviation company Conair to bring RJ85 Large Air Tankers into Australia. Field Air and Conair are both specialist aerial fire aircraft operators, with various fixed wing aircraft to offer local fire authorities. The RJ85 fixed wing Large Air Tanker aircraft is undoubtedly the star of our fleets.

Used extensively in North America, the RJ85 Air Tanker is fitted with an external retardant tank with a capacity of 12,500 litres. It can travel at over 700 km/hr to get to the fire ground and once there, drop a retardant line with selectable coverage level to suit the fire (eg. CL8 for thick canopies or CL1 for grass fires).

Built around the relatively young and reliable BAE Avro RJ85 series aircraft, there are eight RJ85 Air Tankers currently in use.


Firefighters Mutual Bank

Since 1968 Firefighters Mutual Bank has provided key financial services and a level of service second to none to NSW Firefighters and their families. Formerly Fire Brigades Employees Credit Union, Firefighters Mutual Bank now have an established, national team ready to serve those who serve our communities – firefighters, emergency and rescue employees and their families.

Every day, firefighters, emergency services and rescue risk their lives to protect ordinary Australians. At Firefighters Mutual Bank we recognise this. That’s why we support Australia’s firefighters, the emergency services, rescue and their families to make the most of their money.

As a member-owned bank we exist for the benefit of our members, meaning we are committed to ensuring your needs come first. Our three values of advocacy, passion and sustainability shape the way we innovate and grow our organisation, including our competitive banking products and services. We offer a comprehensive range of products and services that are low in fees and have great rates. For more information about how you can become a member of Firefighters Mutual Bank visit us at www.fmbank.com.au

Fire Protection Technologies

Recent legislation passed in Queensland has focused Industry on the removal and destruction of fluorinated AFFF fire fighting foam concentrates containing PFOS and PFOA and replacing them with Fluorine Free Alternatives

Following on from this legislation, Fire Protection Technologies has introduced the Fomtec range

of Fluorine Free foam concentrates with superior performance over competitive products.

Fomtec Fluorine Free foam concentrates are environmentally sustainable, non bio-accumulative and PFOS and PFOA free. Fomtec Fluorine Free foam concentrates are used to effectively extinguish

Class B fires under all conditions and without concern for environmental persistence.

Fomtec Fluorine Free foam concentrates are formulated using new laboratory technologies and techniques

and are high performance synthetic foams specifically designed to replace traditional AFFF and AR-AFFF foam concentrates and older fluoroprotein foams.

Fomtec Fluorine Free foam concentrates can be used in fresh, salt or brackish water and possess excellent burn back resistance due to its remarkable flow and sealing characteristics. The foaming characteristics of Fomtec foam concentrate formulations allow the foam to quickly spread across the burning liquid and rapidly suppress the fire.


Fire & Rescue NSW

Fire & Rescue NSW (FRNSW) is the State Government agency responsible for the provision of fire, rescue and hazmat services in cities and towns across New South Wales. The FRNSW is one of the key agencies involved in the response phase of most emergency or disaster events throughout NSW. FRNSW’s purpose is to enhance community safety, quality of life and confidence by minimising the impact of hazards and emergency incidents on the people, environment and economy of NSW.

As one of the world’s largest urban fire and rescue services, we manage fire emergencies in NSW’s major cities and towns. We respond to rescues, hazardous materials incidents and possible terrorism activities across the State. We work with other government agencies to minimise the impact of bushfires, storms, floods, landslides, building collapses, motor vehicle accidents and other emergencies. We also run prevention and preparedness programs to prevent these emergencies and reduce their impact on the community.


Fire Response Pty Ltd

Fire Response will display a range of New and current Industry leading products on stands 472 – 473.

Fire Fighting Foam – VS Focum

Fluorine Free Foam (FFF) and C6 foams will be on display. Mainly Newtonian based which offer significant savings and better compatibility with existing equipment.

Thermal Imaging Camera’s – FLIR

The industry leading K2 was purpose designed for Rural Applications. And the industry leading DJI Inspire Drone mounted TIC’s.


From battery powered / fully portable at 5,300 lumens to truck mounted (14,000 to 28,000 lumens) to the only AS/NZ approved 20,000 lumen 240vAC Scenelight

Torches / Flashlights

From the Streamlight Survivor – Knucklehead – Headlamps – Flashlights. See for yourself why Streamlight products lead the industry and are widely recognised as the industry leader.

Couplings and Hoses

A range of Storz couplings from Luitpold Schott – BI adaptors – Redhead Brass Barway fittings to various Hose configuration.

Fire Fighting Nozzle & Monitors

Akron Brass is the world largest manufacturer of Handline Fire nozzles and Monitors. Come and inspect their latest products.

Protective Case

From small Cases to large Cases. Nanuk cases are widely considered the best Protective cases money can buy.


FLIR Systems Australia Pty Ltd

FLIR is the world leader in the design & manufacture of Thermal Imaging cameras for applications such as firefighting, predictive maintenance, building diagnostics, R&D, automation, military and security to name just a few.

FLIR manufactures the K series IR camera models which have been developed specifically to meet the demanding requirements of firefighters and has worked directly with firefighters around the world in developing the K series to make sure that we met their exact needs with a product that was fit for purpose and at the right price point. This has led to the complete range of K series TIC’s we have today.

The K65 is our NFPA 1801 compliant camera which covers all bases for firefighters that need to work in tough operating conditions where an Intrinsically safe camera might be required. The K55, K53, K45 and K43 are our mid-range TICs with resolutions from 240×180 pixels or 320×240 pixels and are able to withstand a drop from 2 meters onto concrete and are water resistant (IP67) and fully operational up to +260°C for 5 minutes. Lastly our K2 is our lowest cost TIC aimed at volunteer firefighters. Please visit us at AFAC stand 415 to see these and other FLIR firefighting products.


Forestry Corporation of NSW

Forestry Corporation of NSW is the largest manager of commercial native and plantation forests in NSW. We manage recreation, environmental sustainability and renewable timber production in more than two million hectares of NSW State forests.

We are Australia’s largest grower of plantation pine, producing enough timber to construct a quarter of the houses built in Australia each year, and produce certified sustainable native hardwood timber. A State Owned Corporation with an independent Board of Directors, our sustainability framework sets out our principles for managing both the forests and our business.

Forestry Corporation and its predecessor Forests NSW have been managing State Forests for timber production, recreation and conservation for 100 years. Our people range from firefighters to ecologists to logistic specialists to Aboriginal partnership liaisons.


Fraser Fire and Rescue Limited

Fraser Fire and Rescue has been producing high quality fire appliances for the Australia, New Zealand and Pacific region for 17 years. We are a high tech production engineering company committed to producing the highest quality engineered fire appliances for our customers.

Our staff are passionate about manufacturing, technology and delivering the highest standard of service.Our fire appliances are fully designed and engineered using state of the art technologies, resulting in consistent quality, innovative solutions and value for money. We work in collaboration with our customers to develop superior products, taking into consideration, safety, the environment and reduction of whole of life costs. Our range of products is extensive and includes BA seats, hose reels, monitors and roller shutter doors. We believe we manufacture more fire appliances components in-house than any manufacturer worldwide. This ensures we have the greatest control over supply of components and contracted delivery dates.

Our production capacity is scalable to suit demand and we have proven our ability to deliver to schedule. Frasers is proud to announce that it is opening a new facility in Adelaide, capable of servicing the Australian market.


FRSA (Fire Rescue Safety Australia Pty Ltd)

Fire Rescue Safety Australia (FRSA) are professional equipment suppliers and service agents who provide expertise in equipment selection to assist our customers to prepare and manage their emergency response capability.

Our holistic “One Source” capability provides customers the opportunity to streamline their procurements channels, reduce risk and maintain their assets all through a company who is passionate about taking care of your business and compliance requirements.

FRSA represents a myriad of manufacturers who lead the world in their respective fields. We are proud to represent companies such as Holmatro, Task Force Tips (TFT), Avon Protection (Argus), Nardi Compressori, Euramco (Ramfan), Cobalt Light, Eflare, Grace Industries, Pax Bags, Biomarine, Microgard, Fire Service Plus, SafeQuip, Specialised Inflatable Technology (SIT), MSA Safety, Scott Safety and many more.

FRSA is also proud to announce the successful Certification of their Integrated Management System by DNV-GL. We employ quality people, promote quality products and provide quality services that mirror the certifications we have achieved.


Fujitsu Australia Limited

Fujitsu is a leading provider of information and communication technology (ICT) services in the public safety sector. Fujitsu have a large pool of IT Professionals with extensive knowledge and experience in public safety across Australia. As one of the largest companies in the ANZ marketplace, we design, build, operate and provide support for business solutions in consultation with our customers. From strategic consulting to application and infrastructure solutions and services, Fujitsu has earned a reputation as the supplier of choice for public safety organisations. In conjunction with our partners Adashi, USDD and Capita, Fujitsu works with Fire, Police and Emergency Services to provide a diverse range of capabilities from intelligence collection tools and person of interest systems to computer-aided dispatch and fire station alerting systems. Fujitsu’s Public Safety Capability Includes:

Fujitsu’ ESCAD system is designed to manage medical, police, fire and other emergency incidents from the initial notification of an incident until its conclusion
Fujitsu’ CAD system is a valuable resource for emergency service call-takers, dispatchers, supervisors and emergency service responders.
ESCAD improves the efficiency and effectiveness of our emergency response departments, resulting in increased safety for those on the frontline
Visit us at AFAC with our partners CAPITA, Adashi and USDD.


GAAM Emergency Products

Since 1933, GAAM has established its reputation among the Australian firefighting industry as the manufacturer and supplier of firefighting pumps that can be relied on to get fires under control.

GAAM was founded as a family-run engineering organisation and has grown to become a leader in the design and manufacture of specialist pumps for urban and rural fire suppression.

In addition to its own range of Australian designed and manufactured products and components, GAAM offers fire services throughout Australia with access to vehicle midship, PTO and rear mounted pumps. GAAM also represents reputable brands including Godiva, Hale and Waterax, filling a niche in Australia’s need for specialist pumps.

GAAM Emergency Products will be exhibiting at Stand 322 at the AFAC conference 2017. On display will be the Task Force Tips lightweight monitor and Godiva KPI- 1510 single stage vehicle mounted pump set, along with the Godiva PIB-4010 Prima pump set. Also on display will be a full range of TFT nozzles and monitors along with an extensive range of diesel powered GAAM pump ends.

Products from Waterax, Hale, and Paratech rescue tools will also be on display and will show the latest stand pipes, equipment bags, hose rollers, the Bullard thermal imager and an exclusive range of Feuer-Vogel STORZ couplings and adaptors.


Global Fire Solutions

Global Fire Solutions is a family owned business established 17 years ago representing high quality apparatus from global leaders in the fire and emergency service industry.

We represent Bronto Skylift, Darley, Elkhart Brass, Fire Research Corporation, FoamPro, PyroLance, EJ Metals, Harrison Hydraulics and now including Kussmaul Electronics all of who design and manufacture world class products for our industry.

Our client base includes all Australian Fire Services, Defence Department and the Mining Sector. Our relationship with the OEM’s is highly valued and we are able to share in the development of many projects to provide the best available apparatus for our customers.

AFAC 17 has been chosen by many of our overseas suppliers to visit with Paul Darley, President of WS Darley & Co. , Colin Chambless, Vice President of Kussmaul Electronics and Keith Chard, ElkhartBrass OEM Product Manager already committed to attend and share their knowledge.

A highlight for the show will be the introduction of the first new Bronto Skylift model FL45XR (45m) in Australia purchased by the NT Fire and Rescue Service. It features a Darley model PSM1500 split shaft pto pump which is also a first in an Australian Fire Service aerial ladder platform appliance.

Please visit us at booth 455/456 adjacent to Scania to learn of the latest in first class apparatus.


Grace Industries Inc.

Grace Industries Inc. is pleased to announce two of its latest accomplishments in receiving AS/NZS 4268, CISPR22 RF Radio Certification for use in Australia and New Zealand and compliance with NFPA1982, Standard on Personal Alert Safety Systems (PASS), 2013 Edition including 2018 Sound Signature.

AS/NZS Radio Certification allows Grace to expand its RF PASS product offerings of In-Command® Wireless Emergency Signaling and Automated Firefighter Accountability Systems to the Australia and New Zealand fire services. When used with the firefighter worn SuperPASS®5X or TPASS®5, Automated Accountability frees the radio voice channel for operations while performing silent electronic wireless PAR Check and EVAC commands in the background which are displayed in real-time.

The new SuperPASS®5/5X and TPASS®5 NFPA1982 2013 Edition, with 2018 PASS sound signature, improves the discernibility of the audible alarm heard above fire ground noise.

Grace stand-alone PASS and RF PASS are not integrated into the SCBA and do not rely on a firefighter having to wear the SCBA to stay protected. Grace is the only PASS manufacturer with a stand-alone NFPA compliant PASS and RF PASS with AS/NZS certification that protects every firefighter regardless if SCBA is worn.


Hainsworth Technology

Passionate about protecting individuals facing hazardous situations, Hainsworth Technology is a global leader in textile development and has supplied fabric to protect firefighters from the effect of heat and flame for over 100 years. Offering optimum protection with high levels of comfort, Hainsworth Technology has continued to set the benchmark in innovative protective fabric.

TITAN, a Hainsworth Technology, is a world leading range of intelligent flame retardant outer shell fabric for structural fire gear. Incorporating TI technology, TITAN’s unique design traps insulated air within the garment, increasing the thermal protection and reducing symptoms of heat exhaustion.

ECO-DRY, a Hainsworth Technology, is a world leading range of intelligent flame retardant fabrics for wildland, station wear and structural fire gear linings. The unique structure of wool, nature’s performance fibre, isn’t mimicked by any other natural or man-made fibre. The wool fibres help move moisture away from the wearer’s skin helping them feel more cool and comfortable.

REPEL+ technology is a coating which is applied to a standard outer shell fabric, this coating is engineered to protect from hazardous chemicals whilst maintaining the breathability of the PPE.



Harcor offer an impressive range of robust off-the-shelf emergency services products and custom solutions. This includes the design and manufacture of premium emergency services bags, security seal products used to secure fire extinguishers, medical cabinets and more.

The Australian emergency services authorities and Harcor’s product development team have formed close ties, and in conjunction with them, Harcor have developed a selection of hard-wearing purpose built fire fighter bags and rehab products. The Fire Awareness Award winning Harcor Arm Core Cooler Harness and the Cooler Bag for Bottled Water with Ice Bricks are a perfect example of Harcor’s unique products.

As an emergency services bag manufacturer, Harcor offer most bags in a number of colours and sizes to meet exact requirements. The team at Harcor are able to offer ideas and experience, from concept to development and manufacture. Contact Harcor to discuss your special needs, including made-to-order bag sizes, materials, colours, logo printing and other features.

Strategically located throughout Australia; with branches in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane; our company works in partnership with clients providing tailored solutions for the emergency services sector; supported with the best possible service guaranteed!


HATZ Diesel Australia

Most people don’t know that Hatz Diesel supplies 80 per cent of the diesel engines in Australia’s fire fighter pumps – and Hatz is proud of that.

Sami Almogawish, Managing Director of Hatz Diesel Australia, says Hatz engines don’t attract much notice because they never fail.

“Hatz has an impeccable record. In fact, the fire industry has never reported a Hatz engine fail in the many years that we have been supplying Australia’s fleet,” Sami says.

Sami and his team are on high-alert during the Australian bush fire season and Hatz keeps the Sydney parts and service centre on standby to ensure an immediate response should a call come in from the fire service for parts.

“Hatz’s response time is impressive and when it comes to supporting the fire industry we are ready to deliver anything the fire service needs to keep their Hatz engine operating,” he says.

“We haven’t had that call yet, but we’re ready for it. Water supply is obviously vital during a fire emergency so the pumps simply have to work,” he says.

Hatz Diesel provide support for fire services Australia-wide. They even offer Hatz service technicians to be on standby at an emergency. This ensures help is on-hand, if required.

Hatz Diesel’s innovative H50 water-cooled engine series offers the lightest and most compact engines on the market and now includes an all new three cylinder version, which Sami says is ideally suited to the fire industry.


Industrial Decontamination Services Pty Ltd (IDS)

Industrial Decontamination Services Pty Ltd (IDS) offer a whole of life PPE and garments management services using our world leading decontamination processing technology. From product design and world-wide sourcing, to warehousing and distribution of PPE and PPC, issuance and then whole of life care and maintenance and repairs. We also arrange secure destruction when your PPE assets have reached the end of their useful life. Every asset is uniquely serialised using RFID or bar code at the time of arrival into the IDS warehouse. Thereafter any activity throughout the entire effective life of your asset will be recorded using the IDS Database system. IDS’s care and maintenance program will mitigate your businesses liability, reduce PPE and PPC costs and will provide one simple and central point of service for your entire PPE requirement.

IDS has conducted extensive testing regarding the suitability of our decontamination process for processing fire-fighting PPE/PPC. Our world leading process incorporates minimal mechanical action, low temperature, low pH and uses IDS’s unique chemical formulations. These factors eliminate the damage that usually occurs in typical commercial laundry applications. Using our process has been shown to extend the typical life of a fire fighting ensemble by up to 350%.


Isuzu Australia Limited

Isuzu Australia Limited (IAL) is proud to display their innovative range of products at the Australasian Fire and Emergency Service Authorities Council (AFAC) 2017 Conference. At AFAC17, Isuzu’s display stand will feature an Isuzu FVZ 1400 used by the NSW Rural Fire Service.

The vehicle is fitted with a compressed air foam system that is powered by a purpose-built Isuzu 4HK1 engine.

The AFAC17 stand will demonstrate how IAL has maintained its competitive edge by equipping all its vehicles and engines with cutting-edge technology and safety features.

Isuzu Trucks has been Australia’s truck market sales leaders for 28 consecutive years, and today about one in every four new trucks sold in Australia rolls out from one of the 70 Isuzu dealerships (including branches) throughout Australia.

Isuzu aims to offer a truck for virtually every application.

The company’s 4×4 and All Wheel Drive vehicles have become firm favourites of emergency services teams around the country, hailed for their reliability and capacity to get crews where they need to go – regardless of the location.

The Isuzu AFAC17 stand will show emergency services personnel why, at Isuzu, Reliability is Everything.


JPI Australia

JPI Australia is a trusted supplier with a proven track record in delivering professional and functional clothing solutions for emergency service and uniformed professional. JPI is an industry leader in design, fabric selection, manufacture, marketing and distribution of uniforms and watersports clothing that is inspired by athletes and developed for extreme conditions. Our dedicated specialists use a strong collaborative approach to create innovative solutions to meet specific client requirements.

The strong and diverse team at JPI pride themselves on their ability to listen and work with each client to ensure a tailor-made solution is delivered to meet any customer’s manufacturing and supply chain needs. Our production and design team continue to push the boundaries of innovation; our greatest achievement was the development of our patented performance range of JPI Cool-Lite™ fabrics. A performance fabric custom designed specifically for the emergency service industry and hot humid conditions where the wearer needs to perform at their peak.

JPI Cool–Lite™ fabric offers a wide range of key features including superior sweat management and a high UV rating, whilst maintaining a professional appearance.


Kestrel Aviation / Erickson

Kestrel Aviation has a strong partnership with Erickson Inc. to provide the leading capability for heavy lift firefighting currently available for Australian bushfires, the S64 Aircrane Helitanker. Erickson and Kestrel’s combined resources deliver the most effective aerial firefighting technology available in Australia with a combination of medium and heavy helicopters and unsurpassed tank delivery systems. Erickson’s 18 year history in Australia has provided the strongest impact on the fire front and has taken the package to a new level with the Kestrel partnership.

This is truly a unique combination of firefighting strength and support Australia-wide

and has enabled Kestrel to successfully win 17 government contracts for firefighting helicopters, covering the full spectrum of capability required by the various agencies around the country. The combined contracted fleet ranges from light reconnaissance and air attack platforms, through to the versatile and efficient medium Bell 212/412 fleet and at the other end of the spectrum with the hard hitting and all powerful Erickson S64 Helitanker, capable of delivering up to 9500 litres of water

The fleet is supported by a team of over 60 people during the fire season, including highly skilled pilots, engineers and support crews who are recognised experts in the field with experience fighting some of Australia’s largest and deadliest bushfires.

Erickson and Kestrel are committed to continue to support the communities of Australia against the perils of wildfire as a united team with the dedicated members of the fire agencies on each and every fire front.


Kuipers Engineering Pty Ltd

Established over 50 years ago, Kuipers Engineering is a flexible and dynamic manufacturer of specialised vehicle fleets including Fire, Police, Health Clinics and other specialist vehicles.

We can utilise your existing designs or build from concept, providing a personalised engineering service for medium to large scale production.

We design our products to meet the specific needs of each customer based on your requirements – from simple and robust systems for environments with limited support, to high-tech networked systems with remote dial-in for diagnostics.

To ensure your project requirements are met effectively and efficiently, we use modern engineering tools including 3D CAD and FEA stress analysis software, along with a structured design process.

Founded on person to person customer relations, Kuipers is fiercely focused on quality and reliability in every phase of operations. Kuipers will give your project the kind of personal attention you would expect, from concept through design, manufacture, trial and commissioning to get your project off the ground and into production.

Kuipers is an Australian owned fourth generation family company whose centre of operations is a modern factory complex in historic Windsor, close to key transport arteries.


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