Bluemont – Hytrans

Too often firefighters cannot fight fires efficiently because of a lack of water. The open water source, such as creek, sea or lake, may be too low for a suction pump; a hydrant may be too far away or not supply enough water.

The fire fighter needs lots of water for warehouse fires, tip fires and tyre fires as well as fires at major hazard facilities or fires at remote locations. The mobile Hytrans firefighting system can set up a water supply system over 1 kilometre in 20 minutes, delivering up to 8,000 litres per minute continuous water supply. Because Hytrans uses hydraulic submersible pumps it can pump water from depths of up to 60 metres, while standard suctions pumps are limited to maximum 8 metres. Large diameter hose of 150mm is deployed at speeds of up to 40 km per hour and recovered at 1 km every 30 min. Special flood pumps will turn a standard fire brigade unit into a high volume pumping-out appliance, pumping 50,000 litres per minute from carparks and tunnels. No wonder that multiple Australian (industrial) fire brigades rely on Hytrans to deliver the water they need to do their job.

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