Pete and Peat. Different State same challenges; Water & Access

Thankfully Pete had nothing to do with the peat fires in Victoria earlier this year. Although the peat fires initially caused some challenges to extinguish them, the CFA Hytrans hose layer and the Scoresby team (who may or may not…

Bluemont PTY Ltd

10 years ago Hytrans mobile water supply units successfully extinguished the massive Buncefield Oil Depot fire in the UK. 13 Hytrans units were deployed by fire brigades It took only 1 hour to deploy 33,000 metres of large diameter hose…

Bluemont Pty Ltd – Demonstrate the Hytrans HS150 system throughout Australia

In 2005, Bluemont brought to Australia the Hytrans HS150 system demonstration truck and completed live demonstrations for fire services throughout Queensland, NSW, ACT & Victoria. This is the same unit on a similar skid platform that has been common for…

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