Code 3 – Thinking strategically about emergency lighting

Nearly every time you see an ambulance, fire brigade or police vehicle, you are possibly looking at a Code 3 product. From sirens and signals to a variety of high-intensity LED work lighting, firefighters and emergency response units put their…

Code 3 Launches Superbright Angled Scene Light

World leader in innovative emergency systems, Code 3 has launched the CW2601 Series 40 Degree down angled work light containing the latest LED technology providing the very brightest white light for your application. The scene light can be mounted in…

Code 3 Launches New Multifunctional Outliner Perimeter Bar

Code 3®, Inc., a leading manufacturer and developer of light and sound emergency products, today announced the launch of the new multifunctional Outliner™ perimeter bar. Combining power and a sleek design, Code 3’s unique Outliner perimeter bar is designed to…

Code 3

Code 3® is the Australian market leader in emergency lighting and safety equipment. Code 3’s parent company the ECCO Safety Group supplies over 85% of Australia’s Police, Fire and Ambulance fleets with high performance emergency systems including LED lightbars, beacons, sirens and speakers, LED emergency lighting, digital video systems, extensive scene lighting solutions, and positive pressure ventilation blowers. Along with the Code 3 brand ESG Asia Pacific also has the ECCO, Britax and Xray Vision brands. The ECCO Safety Group are a worldwide market leader in emergency lighting and audible warning equipment for commercial and emergency vehicles. ESG globally serves more than 3,000 OEM, aftermarket and emergency customers.

Always at the cutting-edge of LED technology with their products, Code 3 are continually developing and improving their design and output. One such product, the Code 3 25 Series Pursuit™ lightbar, features light heads that produce up to 50% more luminous intensity than the next brightest lightbar on the market. The state-of-the-art ProAxis Optics are at the heart of this powerful output capability, and they (along with the rest of the lightbar) were designed and engineered right here in Australia.

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