Columbia Helicopters and Aurora Flight Sciences aim to develop technology for aerial firefighting flights in degraded visual environments

Columbia Helicopters (Columbia) and Aurora Flight Sciences (Aurora), a Boeing Company, this week entered into a memorandum of understanding to jointly explore the design, integration, testing, and demonstration of an enhanced pilot situational awareness (EPSA) degraded visual environment (DVE) flight…

Columbia Helicopters

Founded in 1957, Columbia Helicopters, Inc. owns and operates the largest heavy-lift fleet of tandem rotor helicopters in the world. These are the Columbia model Vertol 107 and 234 Chinooks and Boeing CH-47D Chinooks. Columbia Helicopters has experience operating all over the world in support of firefighting, oil and gas, government and Infrastructure projects.

Columbia Helicopters has been providing aerial firefighting services since 1967. Columbia Helicopters’ fleet of heavy-lift helicopters can deploy to fires with either the SEI Torrentula Bambi Bucket with a capacity of 9,842 liters or the Simplex Fire Attack Systems (FAS) internal tanks with a capacity of 10,600 liters and a 530 liters retardant reservoir.

Columbia Helicopters’ pilots are highly skilled and experienced and can drop suppressants and retardants in a variety of ways that best meet the needs of the ground fire fighters.

From firefighting to forestry, construction, disaster relief and defense – no job is too big or too tough for Columbia Helicopters. For the tough jobs, choose Columbia.

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