22 years of performance-based fire engineering: where did it get us?

In 1997 Australia adopted a performance-based building code (BCA96). It came about from decades of excellent research into fire-safety science, engineering and human behaviour, and was intended to give better building designs and increased productivity. Legislation was put into place…

The leadership puzzle, unraveling crisis leadership

In a previous article for Asia Pacific Fire, I commented on the need for post-event learning that was nuanced and aimed at achieving long term change rather than satisfying the needs of the 24 hour news cycle. This was in…

Calculating tenability conditions when smoke drops below 2m

While it is always recommended to design fire safety systems to maintain the smoke layer 2m above the occupiable level, in many cases, this is difficult to achieve, especially in compartments with a low ceiling (or roof). Unlike calculating tenability…

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