Fire Rescue Safety Australia – Making a difference where it matters

Fire Rescue Safety Australia (FRSA) has built an enviable reputation over its 15-year history. That reputation is a direct result of an uncompromising philosophy around strategy, quality and superior customer service to “make a difference”. Commencing from humble beginnings, FRSA…

The RAMFAN EX50Li Is Now Smarter Than Ever

Cordless operations, compact equipment design, truck compartment integration and equipment readiness are hot topics of conversation in firefighting vehicle design committees. Based on operational feedback from firefighters all over the world, Euramco Group’s control engineering team has packed even more intelligence into the…

Fire Rescue Safety Australia (FRSA)

Fire Rescue Safety Australia (FRSA) is an organisation that operates in parallel to those who strategically work in emergency management. We are professional equipment suppliers who provide expertise in equipment selection, asset management (service / maintenance) and a range of…

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