Fujitsu Australia Limited

Fujitsu is a leading provider of information and communication technology (ICT) services in the public safety sector. Fujitsu have a large pool of IT Professionals with extensive knowledge and experience in public safety across Australia. As one of the largest companies in the ANZ marketplace, we design, build, operate and provide support for business solutions in consultation with our customers. From strategic consulting to application and infrastructure solutions and services, Fujitsu has earned a reputation as the supplier of choice for public safety organisations. In conjunction with our partners Adashi, USDD and Capita, Fujitsu works with Fire, Police and Emergency Services to provide a diverse range of capabilities from intelligence collection tools and person of interest systems to computer-aided dispatch and fire station alerting systems. Fujitsu’s Public Safety Capability Includes:

Fujitsu’ ESCAD system is designed to manage medical, police, fire and other emergency incidents from the initial notification of an incident until its conclusion
Fujitsu’ CAD system is a valuable resource for emergency service call-takers, dispatchers, supervisors and emergency service responders.
ESCAD improves the efficiency and effectiveness of our emergency response departments, resulting in increased safety for those on the frontline
Visit us at AFAC with our partners CAPITA, Adashi and USDD.

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