Grace Industries Inc.

Grace Industries Inc. is pleased to announce two of its latest accomplishments in receiving AS/NZS 4268, CISPR22 RF Radio Certification for use in Australia and New Zealand and compliance with NFPA1982, Standard on Personal Alert Safety Systems (PASS), 2013 Edition including 2018 Sound Signature.

AS/NZS Radio Certification allows Grace to expand its RF PASS product offerings of In-Command® Wireless Emergency Signaling and Automated Firefighter Accountability Systems to the Australia and New Zealand fire services. When used with the firefighter worn SuperPASS®5X or TPASS®5, Automated Accountability frees the radio voice channel for operations while performing silent electronic wireless PAR Check and EVAC commands in the background which are displayed in real-time.

The new SuperPASS®5/5X and TPASS®5 NFPA1982 2013 Edition, with 2018 PASS sound signature, improves the discernibility of the audible alarm heard above fire ground noise.

Grace stand-alone PASS and RF PASS are not integrated into the SCBA and do not rely on a firefighter having to wear the SCBA to stay protected. Grace is the only PASS manufacturer with a stand-alone NFPA compliant PASS and RF PASS with AS/NZS certification that protects every firefighter regardless if SCBA is worn.

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