Industrial Decontamination Services Pty Ltd (IDS)

Industrial Decontamination Services Pty Ltd (IDS) offer a whole of life PPE and garments management services using our world leading decontamination processing technology. From product design and world-wide sourcing, to warehousing and distribution of PPE and PPC, issuance and then whole of life care and maintenance and repairs. We also arrange secure destruction when your PPE assets have reached the end of their useful life. Every asset is uniquely serialised using RFID or bar code at the time of arrival into the IDS warehouse. Thereafter any activity throughout the entire effective life of your asset will be recorded using the IDS Database system. IDS’s care and maintenance program will mitigate your businesses liability, reduce PPE and PPC costs and will provide one simple and central point of service for your entire PPE requirement.

IDS has conducted extensive testing regarding the suitability of our decontamination process for processing fire-fighting PPE/PPC. Our world leading process incorporates minimal mechanical action, low temperature, low pH and uses IDS’s unique chemical formulations. These factors eliminate the damage that usually occurs in typical commercial laundry applications. Using our process has been shown to extend the typical life of a fire fighting ensemble by up to 350%.

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