Kestrel Aviation / Erickson

Kestrel Aviation has a strong partnership with Erickson Inc. to provide the leading capability for heavy lift firefighting currently available for Australian bushfires, the S64 Aircrane Helitanker. Erickson and Kestrel’s combined resources deliver the most effective aerial firefighting technology available in Australia with a combination of medium and heavy helicopters and unsurpassed tank delivery systems. Erickson’s 18 year history in Australia has provided the strongest impact on the fire front and has taken the package to a new level with the Kestrel partnership.

This is truly a unique combination of firefighting strength and support Australia-wide

and has enabled Kestrel to successfully win 17 government contracts for firefighting helicopters, covering the full spectrum of capability required by the various agencies around the country. The combined contracted fleet ranges from light reconnaissance and air attack platforms, through to the versatile and efficient medium Bell 212/412 fleet and at the other end of the spectrum with the hard hitting and all powerful Erickson S64 Helitanker, capable of delivering up to 9500 litres of water

The fleet is supported by a team of over 60 people during the fire season, including highly skilled pilots, engineers and support crews who are recognised experts in the field with experience fighting some of Australia’s largest and deadliest bushfires.

Erickson and Kestrel are committed to continue to support the communities of Australia against the perils of wildfire as a united team with the dedicated members of the fire agencies on each and every fire front.

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