Research gives insight into community bushfire response in Australia

New South Wales, Australia faced some of the worst bushfire conditions ever forecast for the state in January and February 2017, including Catastrophic fire danger ratings (Australia’s highest danger level for fire) for many communities. During this time, a number of large and damaging fires occurred, but fortunately no human lives were lost during the worst of the conditions.

Gels up in the air

So what’s the attraction with gels or, water enhancers, in Australia? Gels have been used operationally for the last couple of seasons in NSW and South Australia. And, Victoria has recently awarded a contract to trial gels. What are the…

Construction in bushfire prone areas

Bushfires are common in Australia due to our hot and dry climate, making the bushfire standard a key document to help protect the Australian community. The standard is primarily concerned with improving the ability of buildings in designated bushfire-prone areas…

How much do we invest in prescribed burning?

In the last few decades, the frequency of large, intense wildfires has increased in many places around the world. These fires have caused significant social, economic and environmental impacts. They have also contributed to significant increases in suppression expenditures (i.e.…

Wildfire investigation – finding the spark

Accurate identification of the cause of a Wildfire plays a critical behind-the-scenes role when it comes to the presentation of evidence in Criminal, Coronial or Civil proceedings, or to gain an accurate picture of the cause of fires in an…

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