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Task Force Tips – Introducing the New Impulse Trigger Control Valve

The addition of a trigger valve control to a firefighting nozzle, while not particularly revolutionary in the global market, when integrated into Task Force Tip’s unique slide style shutoff valve does offer a level of firefighting stream performance never before realized.

Unlike common twist or ball style shutoff designs, the slide valve provides total nozzle operator flow control while maintaining a hard hitting, turbulence free straight stream throughout the nozzle’s rated flow and pressure range. The primary reason for this is the unique ability of the slide valve to regulate the fire flow without disrupting the stream passing through the nozzle. In any operator selected valve position, internal turbulence is eliminated providing maximum stream reach and penetration even when the flow is restricted based on operational fireground conditions.

Traditionally, ball and even the unique slide style shutoffs have been controlled by a lever or horseshoe shaped handle that incorporates valve operation into the top of the nozzle. Common practice was to hold the nozzle’s pistol grip with one hand, supporting the weight of the hose and absorbing any nozzle reaction with that arm and the body, while using the other hand to control the valve, change gallonage selections, flush debris from the nozzle, or choose the appropriate stream pattern for protection or suppression.

Today, when the IMPULSE trigger valve system is integrated into a slide valve nozzle, operator flow control and nozzle stabilization can be achieved with a single hand allowing the other hand, without removal, to securely control stream pattern selection, flush or gallonage selection. Additionally, the trigger system automatically dampens the closure of the valve preventing unintentional and unwanted pressure spikes in the hoseline. Unlike common shutoff designs that remain open and flowing when accidentally dropped, the IMPULSE system’s unique design immediately moves the nozzle’s valve to the closed position preventing personal injury or the damage that often results from an out of control nozzle.

Emergency response agencies adopting the tactical use of “pulsing” as part of their interior firefighting operations have been especially accepting of the new valve operational controls. When integrated into the dozens of automatic pressure control pulsing nozzles offered with a slide valve, volume and water droplet size can be optimized for maximum cooling and suppression performance. From the first opening of the valve to full closure, these nozzles deliver consistent stream velocity from the first uniform droplet to the last.

Available as an option on 10 different series of Task Force Tips fixed, selectable, and automatic pressure control nozzles, the IMPULSE trigger valve system offers an optional trigger lock mechanism to hold a selected flow, but also allows closure with just a simple touch of the trigger. The unique ergonomic pistol grip is easily color coded for identification and compliments the overall design by greatly reducing nozzle operator fatigue.

For further information, go to www.tft.com

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