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Fully encapsulated Trellchem EVO suit with large visor.

The S.E.A. Group – Launching a new Interspiro self-contained breathing apparatus

Interspiro, the renowned designer and manufacturer of SCBA equipment, has recently released a new breathing apparatus, developed in close co-operation with professional firefighters.

Named Incurve after its ergonomically and anatomically optimised shape, the back harness comprises a sturdy yet light-weight frame that is easy to decontaminate and clean.

In extensive discussions with various categories of firefighting personnel, Interspiro design engineers have come up with an SCBA that fulfils the ‘wish-list’ of people who use the equipment in their work for extended and repeated periods in the most demanding environments.

Interspiro claims that the Incurve features so many innovations that it will ‘change the way we think about SCBA.’

To comply with firefighters’ requests, the harness is constructed with a minimum of textile parts, and the shoulder straps are non-fabric. With several pre-set sizes, the whole ensemble can be adjusted for perfect fit without taking off the harness.

Several other practical solutions have been incorporated, such as adaptable multiple attachment points for tools and accessories. The regulator unit can be fitted without the need for tools.

To maximise mobility and comfort, the harness features body-shaped shoulder straps and hip belt that move independently of each other, thus enabling freer body movements such as bending, turning, stretching and twisting.

The Incurve harness has also been fitted with an easy-to-grab, large-size rescue handle for dragging the firefighter out of danger in an emergency.

The choice of face pieces includes the new Interspiro Inspire mask that can be fitted with both a digital Heads-Up Display (HUD) and electronic in-mask voice communication.

Incurve can be used with single or twin cylinders, or with a cylinder pack. The unit comes in three configurations: Incurve Basic, Incurve-E (with regulator and digital display) and Incurve-R (with regulator and reserve-air warning).

Paired with a superior-performance protective suit, such as a Trellchem EVO model, the Interspiro Incurve makes up a formidable protection duo for the most demanding emergency management operations.

Trellchem suits come in a variety of materials and designs. The EVO is impermeable to a wide range of chemicals, including warfare agents. A combination of plastics and elastomers on an aramid fabric, along with an outer layer of Viton, ensures not only outstanding protection against liquids, gases and solids, but also has excellent antistatic and flame-resistant characteristics.

Of importance to professional fire personnel is that the EVO suit is fully certified in accordance with the American NPFA 1991 standard, including the optional chemical flash fire and liquefied-gas tests. The suit also carries European standard approvals, including radioactive and infective protection requirements. Its antistatic properties have earnt the suit approval for use in many explosive atmospheres.

Depending on the type of fire management, a different suit cut may be more appropriate for the job at hand. The Trellchem EVO suit is available in three cuts: two fully encapsulated models with the SCBA backpack worn inside the hump, and one non-encapsulated, with the SCBA set worn outside the suit. The encapsulated varieties provide a choice between a standard-size visor and a considerably larger visor for an extremely wide field of vision, both horizontally and vertically.

For more information, go to www.theseagroup.com

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