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Trident is proud to announce UL listing of GP160 Foam Pumps

Trident Emergency Products is proud to announce the UL™ listing of our Titan GP160 series foam pumps for fixed foam system applications under UL 448C – UL™ File #EX27082. The GP160 Foam Pump is the first of seven models in a complete line of positive displacement rotary gear foam pumps that will be UL™ listed. The GP series of foam pumps have been specifically designed for the rugged firefighting industry with design features found nowhere else – designed for the 21st century. In firefighting, there are no second chances, so don’t rely on inferior or outdated designs, specify and buy the best – lives and property are depending upon your foam pump choice.

The GP160 Foam Pump is a full 3″ ported pump for maximum flow efficiency rated for full-time operation up to 300 PSI [20.7 Bar] at 1800 RPM. The GP160 series encompasses eight models, including upper or lower shaft positions for an electric motor, diesel engine, or PTO drives, cast iron mount for hydraulic drives or cast iron bell housing mount for direct engine mounting. All pumps are available in right-hand (CW) rotation of left-hand (CCW) rotation.

Superior design features and benefits of the Titan GP Series Foam Pumps:

  • Timing gears are used to synchronize the two pumping rotors. This design provides no rotor-to-rotor contact allowing for run dry conditions without damage, pumping of foam concentrate or water – water can be used for calibration, testing, and training, in lieu of foam concentrate. Timing gears are lubricated in an oil bath splash system – no regular greasing maintenance is required.
  • Brass pump body and heads with bronze alloy rotors.
  • 17-4PH (Precipitation Hardening) stainless steel pump shafts. Shafts have the strength of 416 stainless steel and corrosion resistance of 316 stainless steel.
  • Each pump shaft/rotor assembly is supported by two double row, spherical roller bearings, sealed for life – no regular greasing maintenance required.
  • Each pump shaft/rotor assembly is sealed into the pump body using two silicon carbide mechanical seals. This design prevents foam concentrate contact with the pump shafts to prevent corrosion. No Leaky Lip Seals!
  • EPDM square sealing rings seal the pump body and heads – no paper gaskets used.
  • Inlet and outlet ports are pipe groove (Victaulic™) for ease of installation.

The UL™ listing of our GP160 will be soon followed by our GP120 and GP200 models which have been successfully tested.

For more information, go to www.TridentDirect.com

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