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Tyco Fire Protection Products – Advanced Technology to Transform the ANZ Fire Detection Landscape

Tyco Fire Protection Products, a division of Tyco, the world’s largest dedicated fire protection and security company announced the availability of VIGILANT Generation 6 MX Addressable Fire Detectors in Australia and New Zealand (ANZ). The new Generation 6 fire detector range is comprised of Heat Detector (850H), Photo Smoke Detector (850P) and Multi-sensor Smoke and Heat Detector (850PH).

With safety and reliability integral to their design, the detectors in the Generation 6 fire detection range are all equipped with a continuous receptive self-monitoring system, a short circuit line isolator and multifunction LED indicators that are intended to let the user know if one of the detectors is out of commission. In addition, discrimination provided by Fastlogic algorithms helps to minimise false alarms from common sources and multi-sensor algorithms seek to maximise detector performance in challenging environments.

The built-in circuit line isolator works to greatly improve fault tolerance and enables all detectors to continue to operate in the event of a short circuit fault on the addressable loop. This seeks to ensure system reliability and eliminates the need for, and cost of an external isolator.

Every Generation 6 unit is fitted with an advanced optical chamber that seeks to deliver the longest service life possible whilst maintaining the correct level of sensitivity and raising the alarm threshold as the device ages. To withstand challenging environmental conditions, the circuit boards of the Generation 6 update have been treated to resist moisture and include a fully coated thermistor to resist contamination, dust and dirt, resulting in low maintenance and reduced service costs. Furthermore, the optical chamber is insect protected and features an incorporated fly screen.


The Vigilant Generation 6 detectors use advanced two way infrared technology to make testing and commissioning safe and simple.

Commenting on the ANZ launch of Generation 6 fire detectors, Geoff Fiala, Director of Asia Pacific Tyco Fire Detection Products said, “We are delighted to offer our ANZ customers this world first technology. Our customers demand efficient, accurate, safe for installation and easy to use products to get the job done, and every element of Generation 6 is designed to save them time and money, without compromising safety. When it comes to installing, commissioning, troubleshooting and testing of fire detection systems, customers should only have to do it once and get it right the first time.”

The innovative Generation 6 fire detectors use infrared technology with remote programming capabilities designed for faster commissioning and troubleshooting, allowing users to save valuable time and money. This advanced two-way infrared technology enables Generation 6 fire detectors to be efficiently configured and tested using an easy-to-use portable hand held device – the wireless 850EMT Engineering Management Tool. Both installation and ongoing servicing and testing are now as easy as Point, Program and Go.

Generation 6 fire detectors can be made available in any pantone shade, enabling architects, consultants and designers to integrate them into the aesthetics of the surroundings and can either be an attractive feature or a discreet addition to any environment.

The non-proprietary Generation 6 fire detection products incorporate forward and backward capability, allowing building owners to save on significant upgrades, and extending product longevity and lower overall lifetime cost. For further information about VIGILANT fire detection products, call 1300 725 688 (In Australia) or +64 9 635 0760 (In New Zealand).

For further information, go to www.Gen6.com.au

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