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Tyco Fire Protection Products re-launches its VdS iFLOW Technology

Tyco Fire Protection Products has re-launched its VdS iFLOW technology fire suppression system globally. A comprehensive set of sales tools and an interactive video has been introduced to showcase the iFLOW technology advantages.

The iFLOW technology is a clean-agent extinguishing system that utilizes the proven fire extinguishing properties of inert gas and couples it with patented hardware technologies to create increased value in design and installation capabilities.

Proprietary technologies from Tyco Fire Protection Products, including the iFLOW valve technology, horizontal check valve system and the matrix bracketing system assists in solving some of the drawbacks associated with conventional systems.

The VdS iFLOW technology fire suppression system is available to be used with all inert gas combinations including INERGEN, IG-55 (Argon & Nitrogen), IG-01 (Argon) and IG-100 (Nitrogen). All components in the iFLOW system meet the requirements of the EN12094 harmonized series of standards and carry VdS and CNPP approvals.

Typical applications include data centers, petroleum oil and gas, power, rare artifacts and libraries.

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