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Reducing emergency response times via clear, concise and consistent automated dispatch alerts.

Public safety dispatchers and firefighters will perform their daily routines more confidently knowing that the Phoenix G2 Fire Station Alerting System effectively communicates crystal clear, concise and consistent automated dispatch information to the right personnel, at the right fire station. Thanks to US Digital Designs’ effective technology, the Phoenix G2 helps responders shave seconds (even minutes) off response times.

During a dispatch call, the Phoenix G2 automatically sends audio and visual messages throughout the fire station with details about the emergency. This increases a firefighter’s situational awareness so they respond with better information, helping save time, lives and property. The system frees up dispatchers to work on other important tasks instead of verbalizing a dispatch or contacting multiple stations, one after the other.

From conception to delivery, the Phoenix G2 system is both flexible and standard. The standard system ships to each station with the industry’s most popular station alerting features, yet remains flexible through the configuration modules, meeting the unique culture of each station. For example, the zoning feature can only awaken only on-call units with ramped tones and lighting, so non-dispatched crews can get the rest they need.

The Phoenix G2 offers built-in features and abilities; multi-year, 24/7 proven reliability; hassle-free installation; web-based remote configuration and control; and virtually zero maintenance. USDD’s engineers can communicate via email, text and manual logs, as well as via the Phoenix G2 FSA mobile app. North American and Australian support partners are also available for installation.

For more information, go to www.stationalerting.com

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