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USAR Detect and Communicate

The ASB10 Vibraphone from SCORPE, an acoustic electronic device, is designed to detect and communicate with victims buried or trapped under rubble after an earthquake, landslide or collapsed building.

With an in-use weight of less than 2 kg and six hours of autonomy, the compact and robust IP44 control box is easy to carry and manipulate. It boasts a touch screen that displays information and controls the device, making it easy to operate.

To widen the area of search and improve the speed of detection, ASB10 Vibraphone is equipped with six ultra-high sensitivity independent seismic sensors with an 8-metre cable length, while its three adjustable filters help to pick up precise and accurate signals. Communication with the victim is by the sound sensor incorporating a microphone and a loud speaker. It includes a recording feature enabling sound and bar graphs signals to be recorded that can be replayed later for training purposes.

Other features include an integrated instruction manual programmed in any language and an improved soundproof headset.


For more information, go to www.scorpe.eu

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