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Varley Group

The Varley Group is Australia’s largest specialised vehicle manufacturer, supplying appliances for many government organisations and private industries, both domestically and globally. Varley’s manufacturing capabilities include fire and rescue appliances, trailers, industrial units, ambulances, prisoner transport vehicles, mobile health clinics, road side assistance vans and many more.

Throughout the past eighteen months, Varley has developed the Next Generation Modular Fire Appliance; all designed and manufactured by Varley’s Victorian branch, SEM Fire and Rescue, based in Ballarat. The new concept was revealed as part of a national Australian tour, in which the appliance was demonstrated in various states.

There are numerous key advantages to this new style of appliance, which combine the latest technologies with contemporary industry demands. Integrated breathing apparatus seats inside the truck cabin, as well as crew protection spray systems and curtains, ensure ultimate crew and passenger safety. The truck cabins can also be produced as either single or dual cabs, depending on your crew’s requirements. One controller area network (CAN) bus system ensures that every tech feature within the appliances communicates with one another effectively and without delay.

In addition, SEM’s Medium Pumper is another popular and versatile option. Standing at 3 metres high, 8 metres long and 3 metres wide, the Medium Pumper offers an adaptable alternative for both urban and rural communities.  In order to provide ample water for the first attack, the Pumper contains a 4000LPM PTO Pump, a 2500 litre water tank and 300 litre B Class foam tank. In addition, with two breathing apparatus seats in the cabin, state of the art warning light systems, reflective signage, plus LED body and internal locker lighting, crew and external safety is a key focus of the design.

Due to the standardised modular approach, both vehicles are also compact in size, which ensures efficiency of use and significantly reduced operational difficulties. Using a mix of modules allows a high level of customisation for each individual appliance within a fleet, without a hidden developmental cost in the capital expenditures.

Finally, all Varley vehicles and appliances are custom developed to meet clients’ strict and unique risk profiles at each site, and are manufactured to withstand the rigours of a wide variety of emergency response scenarios.

For more information, go to www.varleygroup.com

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