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VENTRY Solutions

VENTRY® Fans are inherently safe, very efficient, and versatile, with three adjustable legs for positive pressure attack and ventilation. They overcome common obstacles that handicap conventional blowers. Legs allow for quick placement wherever they are most effective, far back from the entry and out of the way of crew and victims. The fan and its airstream are lifted above obstacles (stairs, hills, snow…) and there is no shadowing of the air stream by the ground.

All the benefits of VENTRY Fans equate to safety, versatility and ease of use. They feature state-of-the-art Safety Propellers, pressure-bonded with Kevlar and fiberglass for proven safety. They deploy fast, with one person and no lifting required (see video of demo by pregnant woman on ventry.com). They are light weight, quiet, and low in emissions. Legs allow you to tilt, aim and stabilize with the turn of a knob. VENTRY Fans can be positioned for best performance, not as a reaction to the terrain or obstacles. GFCI-compatible three-phase electric models are available. The fans won’t walk or rotate and they have vibration dampening feet with tough tread for aggressive grab on slick and slanted surfaces.

Options include Entry Point Lights (halogen and LEDs), Wheels and Skids, and more. All fans have side handles for easy 1- or 2-person carry. With 14-inches between propeller and ground, there is no intake of foreign matter so crew isn’t blasted with sand and the fan won’t plug with leaves. Robust, solid aluminum legs are guaranteed not to break or bend and provide a solid 3-point stance throughout full range of leg extension.

VENTRY Fans were first made 26 years ago and continue to be made by the first responders of Ventry Solutions, Inc. in Hauser, Idaho, USA.

For more information, go to www.ventry.com

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