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WATERAX – Helping Firefighters Move Water since the 1920s

WATERAX’s mission is to design, manufacture and supply innovative portable fire pumps and water-handling equipment tailored specifically to withstand the rigors of rugged applications and environments. These include forestry, urban and marine fire control markets, as well as construction, flood control and many others. Best known for the MARK-3® and the BB-4®, high-pressure, portable, centrifugal fire pumps, which are benchmarks in the wildland firefighting community, WATERAX also manufactures a broad range of portable pumps, backpack pumps, and the supply of complimentary water-handling products.

WATERAX has a long and exciting history, which traces back to Watson Jack & Co. founded in 1898, who later began manufacturing a powerful, 200 PSI portable fire pump named the Wajax Pump in the 1920s. The 4-stage detachable pump end, that was patented in 1958, later gave birth to the iconic MARK-3® introduced in 1964 by Wajax Ltd. The MARK-3® brand, rapidly became the standard wildland lightweight, portable fire pump used by forestry agencies around the world. The Wajax Ltd. fire control business, known as the Fire Control Group, was later sold to Wildfire Fire Equipment Inc. in 1995.

Today, the WATERAX brand captures the powerful meaning and essence of the historical names Watson & Jack Co., Wajax and Wildfire. WATERAX is truly going back to its roots by doing what its ancestors did really well and aligning ourselves with the original purpose of the company. This new brand identity better communicates the core nature of our manufacturing activities and our distinctive portable pump products brand.

Pumpman at MARK-1 Mercury fire pump. Sioux Lookout, July 1961.

Pumpman at MARK-1 Mercury fire pump. Sioux Lookout, July 1961.

WATERAX products are characterized by multi-stage centrifugal pump ends designed to move water while generating high-pressure to meet the difficult requirements of wildland firefighting and other applications when you need to move water over long distances and elevation.

WATERAX pumps are built to last, and many, sold decades ago, are still in operation. The company has thus also built up a sophisticated parts and service infrastructure to support them. WATERAX products are distributed and serviced in over 40 countries through a network of dealers, distributors and fire apparatus builders.

For more information, go to www.waterax.com

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