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YONE meet the challenge following Taiwan earthquake

At 03:57 local time (19:57 UTC) on February 6th 2016, an earthquake with a moment magnitude of 6.4 struck 28 km northeast of Pingtung City in southern Taiwan, in the Meinong District of Kaohsiung, causing widespread damage and 117 deaths. Almost all of the deaths were caused by a collapsed residential building.

Tainan city-4

The rescue teams from Taiwan used YONE PROEYE 991-N nano-cam for their rescue operations. The very small camera head of nano-cam requires 7mm holes or cracks to find victims who are trapped in confined spaces.

Tainan city-2

Before inserting the camera head they use the cordless hammer drills to make holes and insert the camera head through this small hole. The rescue operations were very tough which damaged the nano-cam camera head and required urgent repair.

Tainan city-1

Yone dispatched a spare camera head via DHL to Tainan city where maintenance operations were performed immediately, so that they could continue the rescue operations.

The rescue teams were very impressed by the strong features of the PROEYE 991-N  and the level of support and customer service demonstrated by Yone.

For more information, go to www.yone-co.co.jp

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