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On June 11, 2014, our staff members dispatched to Indonesia for presentation of our new product of search and rescue equipment PROEYE 751-SNR SONAR Plus were requested by the local rescue squad of Balikpapan, a city on the east coast of the island of Borneo, in a hurry for water search and rescue. The staff members immediately responded to the request by rushing to the scene and started the search activity near the Balikpapan River Estuary. For the searching, the sonar sensor of PROEYE 751-SNR was submerged in the water from a small boat and the search was conducted through the sonar system display.

The river was considerably muddy and thus the searching was very difficult. However, about two hours later, the figure of possible sufferer could be located on the riverbed about 5m deep from the surface through the sonar system display.

Due to sundown, the searching was interrupted with the location identified by the GPS sensor of 751-SNR for the rescue operation on the following day. Sadly, the sufferer was found dead the next morning.

While the searching was in progress, the family members of the sufferer wished that they would pay their own expenses for one set of 751-SNR to make a search by themselves if the sufferer could not be discovered and the searching would be prolonged.

To our regret, the sufferer was found dead as a result of our search. However, our staff members received the expression of thanks from the local rescue squad and involved parties and individuals for our assistance for the search and rescue activities. (The article shown in the left was carried on the local newspaper BALIKPAPAN POS dated June 12, 2014.)

The sonar system display provides the images in both directions vertical and lateral.

The upper left corner of the display presents the depth to the bottom of the water.

The sonar system display demonstrates that the images on the display are almost unaffected despite the considerably cloudy river water.

In addition, the display helps confirm that the riverbed is relatively smooth, the sufferer lies on the riverbed at a depth of about 5.4m below the surface, and the location is directly below the searching boat and in the left of the navigating direction of the boat.

For more information, go to www.yone-co.co.jp

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